• The Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Group was registered in August 1995. In May 2000, the Collaboration approved the group's request to change the scope and name from Dementia and Cognitive "Impairment" to Dementia and Cognitive "Improvement" (CDCIG).
  • The scope of the group includes prevention, treatment and management of acute or chronic acquired cognitive impairments, their manifestations and complications, and the care of people affected. Our remit includes both global cognitive impairment and focal cognitive impairments occurring in the context of brain disease such as Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, fronto-temporal dementias including Pick's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies and the spongiform encephalopathies. It also extends to delirium, and to non-specific and age-associated cognitive impairments.
  • We are also concerned with interventions, pharmacological or otherwise, aimed at enhancing cognitive performance in heathy people.
  • A new area we are working in is Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies: studies that compare diagnostic tests in the area of dementia and cognitive impairment.
  • The group and its authors work together to search for relevant clinical trials in order to be able to produce systematic reviews. For more about this group please see the Group's Module on The Cochrane Library: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/mrwhome/106568753/HOME


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