Ahles 2020

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Cognitive Enhancement (healthy)
Study Design
Intervention type
Aronia melanocarpa extract (AME) // Placebo
Dosage and Duration
101 participants either consumed 90 mg AME, 150 mg AME, or placebo for 24 weeks
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Healthy // Middle-aged
Primary outcomes
Cognition // Mood
Key Points
"The grooved pegboard test, number cross-out test, and Stroop test were performed as measures for psychomotor speed, attention, and cognitive flexibility. Mood was evaluated with a visual analogue scale, serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) was determined, and vascular function was assessed by carotid ultrasounds and blood pressure measurements. AME improved psychomotor speed compared to placebo (90 mg AME: change = −3.37; p = 0.009). Furthermore, 150 mg AME decreased brachial diastolic blood pressure compared to 90 mg AME (change = 2.44; p = 0.011), but not compared to placebo. Attention, cognitive flexibility, BDNF, and other vascular parameters were not affected. In conclusion, AME supplementation showed an indication of beneficial effects on cognitive performance and blood pressure in individuals at risk of cognitive decline." Ahles 2020