Eckert 2020

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment MCI
Study Design
Intervention type
Home-based program to promote physical activity
Dosage and Duration
Sixty-three older persons (>= 65 years) with mild to moderate CI (Mini-Mental State Examination score 17-26), allocated to the intervention group of a randomized, controlled intervention trial underwent a 12-week home-based PA intervention including (1) physical training and outdoor walking to improve functional fitness and (2) motivational strategies (goal-setting, pedometer-based self-monitoring, social support delivered by home visits, phone calls) to promote PA. Training logs were used to assess adherence to physical training, outdoor walking and to motivational strategies (goal-setting, pedometer-based self-monitoring).
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Mild Cognitive Impairment // Dementia
Primary outcomes
Acceptance // Adherence
Key Points
"Mean adherence rates over the intervention period were 63.6% for physical training, 57.9% for outdoor walking, and between 40.1% (achievement of walking goals), and 60.1% (pedometer-based self-monitoring) for motivational strategies. Adherence rates significantly declined from baseline to the end of intervention (T1: 43.4-76.8%, T2: 36.1-51.5%, p values<.019). Most participants rated physical training, outdoor walking, goal-setting, and pedometer self-monitoring as feasible (68.2-83.0%) and effective (63.5-78.3%). Highest ratings of self-perceived effectiveness were found for home visits (90.6%) and phone calls (79.2%). The moderate to high adherence to self-performed physical training and motivational strategies proved the feasibility of the home-based PA program in older persons with CI following inpatient rehabilitation." Eckert 2020