Hoogenhout 2011

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment MCI
Study Design
Intervention type
Educational Programme//Control Group
Dosage and Duration
Intervention group - 2 one and a half hour sessions per week for four weeks plus homework assignment after each session. Control group - names placed on a waiting list.
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Healthy Persons
Main Diagnostic Criteria
<p> Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)</p><p> Self Report Questionnaires</p>
Co-morbid Health Condition/Other Participant Characteristics
Elderly//Women//Perceived Cognitive Problems
Country or Countries of Recruitment
Unit of Allocation and/or Setting
Community Setting
Results publication date
December 2010
Primary outcomes
Subjective cognitive functioning
Other outcomes
<p> Appreciation of the programme</p>
Key Points
Hoogenhut 2011 found that the use of an eductional programme both increased participants' subjective assessment of their cognitive functioning and reduced negative emotional reactions towards their cognitive functioning. Participants were also appreciative of the programme.