Marquez-Gonzalez 2020

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Caregiver Focused
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Functional analysis-guided modular intervention (FAMI) // Waitlist
Dosage and Duration
A functional analysis-guided modular intervention (FAMI) was developed. The FAMI was compared with two manualized intervention (cognitive-behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy) which have received preliminary support, and a control group (waiting list).
Primary outcomes
Depression // Anxiety
Key Points
"Results suggest that all the interventions were effective in reducing depressive and anxious symptomatology at postintervention assessment, with large effect sizes, and with reductions in depression being maintained at follow-up. Regarding anxiety, long-term effects have been found only for the FAMI intervention. Results also suggest positive effects associated with the FAMI intervention in the long term with regards to comorbidity between depressive and anxious symptomatology. FAMI presents great potential for reducing dementia caregivers' levels of distress, being especially effective in maintaining therapeutic effects in the long term. " Marquez-Gonzalez 2020