Narme 2012

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment Dementia
Study Design
Intervention type
Dosage and Duration
Two studies are discussed. Study one: music or painting for 3 weeks (two sessions per week)//Study two: music or cooking for 4 weeks
Absolute Number of Participants
22 (study one)//11(study two)
Health Status/Diagnosis
Alzheimer Disease (AD)
Results publication date
Primary outcomes
Emotional state by Analyzing professional caregivers' judgments of the patient's mood, then facial expressions and valence of the discourse from short-filmed interviews
Key Points
The result of study one was that "facial expression, discourse content and mood assessment improved (more positive than negative expressions) as compared to pre-intervention assessment. However, musical intervention was more effective and had longer effects as compared with painting." The result of study two was that "music had positive effects that remained significant up to 4 weeks after the intervention, while cooking only produced short-term effect on mood." "In both studies, benefits were significant in more than 80% of patients." Record information taken from the abstract.