Study ID(s) and Acronym(s)
Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment Dementia
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Mouth care
Dosage and Duration
Nursing assistants will be trained to provide daily mouth care to all residents in nursing homes. Mouth care supplies will also be provided to intervention assisted living communities.
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Unit of Allocation and/or Setting
Nursing home // Long term care
Study completion date
Estimated primary completion date: December 2022
Primary outcomes
Plaque Index Score // Gingival Index Score // Denture Plaque Index Score
Other outcomes
Incidence of pneumonia // Incidence of hospitalizations // Staff self-efficacy to provide mouth care // Dental hygienists self-efficacy to train nursing assistants //
Key Points
This project will modify a program that reduces pneumonia among nursing home residents with dementia, so that it is appropriate for assisted living residents with dementia. The program provides daily mouth care to reduce bacteria in the mouth that lead to aspiration pneumonia. The project will develop methods that can be taught to assisted living providers by community dental hygienists, and that are ready for evaluation in a pragmatic trial of AL residents with dementia and the staff who provide their care.