Shao 2020

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Cognitive Enhancement (healthy)
Study Design
Intervention type
Positive and neutral feedback
Dosage and Duration
a total of 203 participants aged 60-84 years were randomly assigned to three groups. In the positive and neutral feedback groups, participants were told that their memory performance was better than and equivalent to the same-aged peers after an initial memory task, respectively, in contrast to no feedback in the control group. Participants then completed a second memory measure.
Absolute Number of Participants
Key Points
"the results revealed that participants in the positive feedback group felt younger and showed a significant increase in memory performance, whereas participants in the neutral feedback group felt older but also showed a significant increase in memory performance. For participants in the control group, no significant changes in memory performance were observed.Conclusion: it seems that experimentally induced younger subjective age can lead to better memory performance among older adults, providing a promising strategy to maintain memory functioning in old age" Shao 2020