Surr 2019

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment Dementia
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Dementia care mapping // Usual care
Dosage and Duration
DCM is a practice development tool comprised of a 5 component cycle (staff briefing, mapping observations, data analysis and reporting, staff feedback, and action planning) that supports delivery of person-centered care. Two staff from the 31 intervention care homes were trained in DCM and asked to deliver 3 cycles over a 15-month period, supported by a DCM expert during cycle 1.
Health Status/Diagnosis
Unit of Allocation and/or Setting
Care home setting
Primary outcomes
Key Points
"There was considerable variability in DCM implementation fidelity, dose, and reach. Not all homes trained 2 mappers on schedule, and some found it difficult to retain mappers. Only 26% of homes completed more than 1 cycle. Future DCM trials in care home settings should consider additional methods to support intervention completion including intervention delivery being conducted with ongoing external support." Surr 2019