Vink 2013

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment Dementia
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Music Therapy//Recreational Activities.
Dosage and Duration
40 minutes of music therapy or recreational activities twice weekly for 4 months
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Main Diagnostic Criteria
DSM-IV//Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI)
Co-morbid Health Condition/Other Participant Characteristics
High level of behavioural problems
Country or Countries of Recruitment
Unit of Allocation and/or Setting
Long Term Care Setting
Results publication date
October 2013
Primary outcomes
Agitation by Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI)
Key Points
The conclusion of the study was that "both music therapy and recreational activities lead to a short-term decrease in agitation,
but there was no additional beneficial effect of music therapy over general activities." Complete blinding for some of the
nurse carers who rated the modified CMAI scores was not possible since they took residents to either the recreational activity or music therapy room. However, the nurse carers were kept unaware about the exact study purposes.