Wu 2021

Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment Dementia
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Oral health intervention
Dosage and Duration
The 6-month intervention included 25 older adults with mild dementia or mild cognitive impairment, who were randomly assigned to Treatment Group 1 or Treatment Group 2. Treatment Group 1 (n = 7) received an educational booklet. Treatment Group 2 (n = 18) received a booklet, a tailored care plan for the participants with cognitive impairment and the care partner received four coaching sessions to learn to facilitate good oral hygiene. Both groups received electric toothbrushes. The study consisted of a 3-month active intervention and 3-month maintenance phase.
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Dementia // Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
Primary outcomes
Gingival index // Plaque index // Overall oral health status
Key Points
"This study had very low dropout rate. Participants' oral hygiene improved in this study. In comparison to Treatment Group 1, participants in Treatment Group 2 had a greater reduction in plaque level and gingival inflammation, and greater improvement in overall oral health status." Wu 2021