Yuan 2021

Study ID(s) and Acronym(s)
Current Status of Trial
Study Aim
Treatment MCI
Study Design
No blinding
Intervention type
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
Dosage and Duration
Twenty-four patients with aMCI were randomly assigned to receive true rTMS (treatment group, n = 12, 6 men and 6 women; age 65.08 +/- 4.89 years) or sham stimulation (sham group, n = 12, 5 men and 7 women; age 64.67 +/- 4.77 years). rTMS parameters included a stimulation frequency of 10 Hz, stimulation duration of 2 seconds, stimulation interval of 8 seconds, 20 repetitions at 80% of the motor threshold, and 400 pulses per session. rTMS/sham stimulation was performed five times per week over a period of 4 consecutive weeks.
Absolute Number of Participants
Health Status/Diagnosis
Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
Primary outcomes
Key Points
"Our results showed that compared with baseline, Montreal Cognitive Assessment scores were significantly increased and the value of the amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF) was significantly increased at the end of treatment and 1 month after treatment. Compared with the sham group, the ALFF values in the right inferior frontal gyrus, triangular part of the inferior frontal gyrus, right precuneus, left angular gyrus, and right supramarginal gyrus were significantly increased, and the ALFF values in the right superior frontal gyrus were significantly decreased in the treatment group." Yuan 2021